Critical Acclaim for Gloriana

Leonardo Capalbo as Robert, Earl of Essex in  Gloriana

Leonardo Capalbo as Robert, Earl of Essex in Gloriana

"In the role of Essex, tenor Leonardo Capalbo made a major case for himself as a tenor on the rise...still young, the Italian American tenor is very much a star in the making...his voice displayed a strong sense of security and clarity...His anger and jealousy in the first scenes was palpable from the get-go and his frustration when talking to his wife about Elizabeth’s hesitations toward him added to his characterization of a reactionary being. He might have come off as a bit childish in this latter scene, but it also added to the overall complexity of the work’s interpretation...His interpretation of the Lute Song added to this as he tossed off Britten’s fioritura writing with élan, the voice floating effortlessly and the multitude of notes gliding. He was a man in utmost control for this one moment, adding massive contrast to other scenes where he had anything but a sense of control. His final scene with Elizabeth was the most riveting of the entire night, his previous explosiveness now turned to passionate begging at her hands.”

     - David Salazar, Operawire, April 13, 2018


"Leonardo Capalbo's Devereux is extremely convincing, striking in his performance, and vocally polished.”

     - Alejandro Martínez, Platea Magazine, April 13, 2018


"A very solid vocal cast where Leonardo Capalbo builds an Earl of Essex in which the character's growth captivates.”

     - Alberto González Lapuente, ABC, April 13, 2018


"Leonardo Capalbo was the perfect choice for the ambitious and hot-headed Essex. Charming and frank, he assailed the royal quarters with his mellow lyric tenor. He was perfect in duos and ensembles, with solid tone and flaming phrasing. His second lute song, a treacherous gift due to its long phrases and low pitch, was well sung.”

     - Fernando Remiro, Bachtrack, April 16, 2018